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FIFA World Cup 2018 city hosts


Posters of Russian cities holding the FIFA World Cup championship in 2018 have been disclosed.

«March of the millions» – protest rallies took place in Russia on weekend


New protest rallies took place in Moscow and other Russian cities on weekend. The Moscow rally was the biggest one. The city authorities have approved 25 thousand people, but as the rally organizers...

Moscow car salon. Day one


Moscow car salon opened in "Crocus Expo" exhibit center. The show will be open from August 31 to September 9 for public visits. Here is the photo report from the salon's first day.

«The art on barricades» photo exhibit


The photo exhibit "Art on barricades" will be presented at Moscow's Vinzavod art museum on August 10. The exhibit is almost entirely dedicated to the punk band Pussy Riot and is made of photographs of...

Nude Femen activist attacks Russian Church head Kirill in Kiev


Russian Orthodox Church head patriarch Kirill arrived with a 3-day visit to Ukraine on Thursday. In Kiev airport he got attacked by a nude activist from the feminist group FEMEN.

Humanitarian aid for Krasnodar region


Volunteers from Moscow and other Russian cities gather humanitarian aid for casualties of Krasnodar region flash floods. Food, clothes, other supplies are brought by thousands of volunteers who have...

Flood in Krasnodar Krai, 171 dead


Flood in Krasnodar Krai killed at least 171 people (and counting), totaled 96 houses, more than 450 people were wounded. The authorities blame the rainstorms, citizens of Krymsk, the town that...

Pussy Riot supporters near court building


Taganskiy city court has on Wednesday satisfied the request of the investigation of the Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova case to limit the terms of reading the case materials by her defenders...

Opposition rally on Russia Day


The opposition rally called "March of millions-2" have started in Moscow. According to different data, it gathered from several thousand to 50 thousand people. The march has started at the...

Ukrainian topless feminists dress as penises to protest against Euro2012



Ukrainian radical feminist group Femen considers football world championship in Ukraine just a cause for sex-tourism and women exploitation, so they staged a protest adding penises to the flowerbed...

Border Guards celebrate


Border Guard veterans of all ages swim in fountains, drink beer and ride trolleys, celebrating their holiday. This is one of two least safe days in the year for walking in parks and in the streets,...

Gays beaten and detained... again


Moscow LGBT activists have made an attempt to hold a gay parade . They gathered near the city administration building holding colorful flags, but were immediately attacked by anti-gay activists....

FEMEN activists attack Euro-2012 Cup



Ukraine feminist group FEMEN held a new topless-action against holding the Euro-2012 football championship in Ukraine. One of the activists attacked the trophy cup which was put for public view in the...

The first gay-parade in Tbilisi, Georgia


A conflict emerged in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, between homosexuals who gathered on Thursday on the first gay parade in the city and orthodox believers. "The identity" non-governmental...

Protest camp moves to Kudrinskaya square


After Moscow police shut down the protest camp in Chistoprudny boulevard, opposition activists created a new one. This time at Kudrinskaya square, also in the center of the city, though outside the...

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