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Orthodox activists break in erotica museum and threaten employees

29.08.12 16:56    By News Dept.

Orthodox activists break in erotica museum and threaten employees

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Orthodox activists have threatened the "G-Spot," Moscow's museum of erotica, reports the museum's director Alexander Donskoi.

He describes the recent protest against the museum: "Late last night they broke into the museum carrying a brick. There were about 6 people in the group. They left the brick and warned us that it was the 'first stone.'"

Donskoi also said that he could identify the people who threatened the museum. "Later, I found them in videos and through their accounts on social networks. These are the same people who participated in protests against Pussy Riot in Khamovniki court and ripped t-shirts with the band's image off passers-by. They were also behind the "Teater.doc" protest. A man with a big camera was with them, it looked like a camera from NTV," said the director.

Former Artistic Director of "Teater.doc" Mikhail Ugarov declared that had identified the man who tried to disrupt the play entitled "With my own eyes." Ugarov said man had not long earlier tore at a man's t-shirt with an image of the Virgin in a balaclava at Paveletsky train station.

"I recognised that man, he calls himself an Orthodox activist, and in videos posted on the Internet, he attacks people at Paveletsky train station and tries to rip their shirts. It was Monday afternoon, and in the evening he burst onto our show and shouted 'Repent!'" said Ugarov.

LiveJournal user dizzyharrison posted about another incident involving Pussy Riot symbols on clothing. On the day of Pussy Riot's sentencing Orthodox activists demanded a supporter of the punk band remove his T-shirt with the inscription "Mother of God, drive Putin out!" Dizzyharrison uploaded photos and videos of the man that Ugarov recognised who was at that event. This activist, Dmitry Tsorionov, is from the "Missionary Movement in honour of the holy prophet Daniel."

"With my own eyes" was performed by "Teater.doc" and was a one-time play about the Pussy Riot trial. There were no actors, instead witnesses of the events spoke, including defence lawyers and journalists who were present at the trial.

The Director of the Museum of erotica said that he will contact law enforcement about the activists.

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