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Milonov forbids attendance of minors at Lady Gaga concert

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Milonov forbids attendance of minors at Lady Gaga concert



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On Tuesday St.Petersburg regional deputy Vitaly Milonov, famous for his controversial anti-homosexuality and pedophilia law, told Interfax that Lady Gaga concert organisers in St. Petersburg are to deny entry to minors at Gaga's upcoming December concert.

"When wild football fans come to the city - the state always keeps a close eye on them. This [Lady Gaga concert - Interfax] is of a different category bullies - business bullies. Certainly, the state should keep track of it as well. And I want to make it clear that concert organisers have received an official warning about the inadmissibility of allowing persons under 18 years into the concert," said Milonov.

Milonov believes that forbidding minors will not affect the popularity of the event and tickets will still be sold out.

"Another thing is that normal people wouldn't go to this concert. It would be better to watch something striving for perfection, than deviations and anomalies," said the deputy.

On Monday it became known that Lady Gaga, known for fighting for the rights of the LGBT community, will speak at the SCC 9 December and in Olympiski stadium in Moscow on December 12 as part of her world tour "Born this way ball."

This is not the first time that Milonov has criticised international stars. On August 9 Madonna had a concert in St. Petersburg. During the show, the singer asked the audience to raise their hands with pink bracelet in support of sexual minorities. The next day Milonov said that Madonna had violated the law prohibiting propaganda of homosexuality and pedophilia.

"There were minors present, there were 12-year-olds ... We believe that the law banning the promotion of homosexuality has been broken," said Milonov.

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