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New nobility

Investigation into alleged murder, racket, extortion, & arson by 'Tsapok Gang' ended

23.07.12 15:09    By Elena Belova, edited by Semyon Kvasha

Tsapok gang allegedly ruled the district for years and was caught after the mass murder   Photo: ITAR-TASS


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Segei Tsapok, accused leader of a gang that terrorized Krasnodar krai and killed 18 people including chrildren, will soon go to trial. His main accomplice, Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, is also to face trial. The other accused are his uncle Nikolai Tsapok, Vladimir Alekseev, Igor Chernykh and Vladimir Zaporozhets, each being charged for numerous grievous crimes.

The investigation of the murder of 12 people in the Kuschevskaya township has come to an end, the Chief investigation department of the Investigation Committee in North Caucasus federal district reported on Monday.

The so-called 'Tsapok gang' will soon face trial. It had terrorized the region for 10 years and is accused of organized crime, murders, attempted murders, robbery, illegal imprisonment, destruction of property, rape, and illegal gun ownership.
Durng the 12 years between 1998 and 2010, the gang killed 19 men, and attempted 2 more murders: on one occasion the victim survived and received medical help in time, on the other the victim managed to escape.

Law enforcement thinks that the Tsapok gang was racketeering and practicing extortion, collecting "tribute" from local farmers and businessmen. Sergei Tsapok, suspected of organizing this group and of the mass murder, was a deputy in the Kuschevsky district council and was the chairman of the budget committee.

The gang was disbanded during the investigation of the Kuschevskaya township killings . On November 5, 2010, in a private home 12 people were killed, including 4 children: the owner of the house, farmer Server Ametov, his family and friends. The criminals stabbed 10 people to death, they strangled one of the children, and a second suffocated when the criminals tried to burn down the house to cover their tracks.

Two of the alleged gang members, Sergei Karpenko and Vitaly Ivanov, committed suicide in custody while awaiting trial. Two more – Andrei Bykov and Vyacheslav Ryabtsev have been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

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