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Muslim public figure killed in Moscow, nationalists' suspected by Islamic Culture Center

11.04.12 13:33    By Vyacheslav Kozlov, edited by Karina Ayvazova

Mekhtiev was famous for his activity in the Islam Culture Center

Mekhtiev was famous for his activity in the Islam Culture Center    Photo:


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Muslim community worker Metin Mekhtiev was killed in Moscow on Tuesday night, Interfax news agency reported, citing police sources. They report that Mekhtiev was stabbed to death. "A man's body was found on Tuesday evening on 2nd Brestskaya street. Checks have established his identity as Metin Meskhiev, 33, a prominent Muslim public figure," the police source said. Mekhtiev was killed near his house when he was waiting for his wife and child to come back home. An unidentified man stabbed him in the neck and face.

Abdul-Vakhed Niyazov, the director of the Islam culture center where Mekhtiev worked, said the murder was carried out by a group. "The investigator said there were four of them. The witnesses saw them, because when Mekhtiev was attacked he cried for help. There was also a girl in the group. Only one of them actually stabbed Mekhtiev. He cut Metkhtiev's throat and wiped the knife with his sleeve," Niyazov said to

The Islam Culture Center director thinks the crime was carried out by nationalists.

First of all he notes, the style of the crime is very similar to that used by nationalists. "In saint Petersburg there have been many cases non-Slav being murdered, attacked by a group of four or five people, in which there is always a gir so that the men would not attract much attention at night and if asked, they could say they are taking the girl home," Niyazov said.

No other versions of Mekhtiev murder are being considered yet. He had not received any threats lately.

The Center, founded in '91 and where Mekhtriev was a prominant figure, was prohibited by the Higher Court in May 2011. The court's ruling came after the Justice Ministry's demand to prohibit the Center from operation across the country because of legal problems. For example, the Ministry did not like the fact that the Center did not have any regional departments – which is necessary for those public structures that position themselves as All-Russian.

Abdul –Vakhed Niyazov claims the Justice Ministry demand was based on ulterior motives. According to him, it was the FSB that insisted on closing the Center.

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