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Murderer who was whisked from prison on a helicopter, caught

22.03.12 17:43    By Alexandra Koshkina, edited by Karina Ayvazova

Alexey Shestakov was charged with murder in 2000 and was sentenced to 24 years in jail

Alexey Shestakov was charged with murder in 2000 and was sentenced to 24 years in jail   Photo:


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Alexey Shastakov, a convicted murderer, escaped from a prison in Russia's Vologda region on board of a helicopter. He had the help of two accomplices when running away from penal colony #17.

Two people hijacked a Mi-2 helicopter which was planned for private transportation and was waiting for its next flight at a tourism spot "Irma", Natalya Letenkova from the Investigative Committee (IC) told A woman and a man climbed on board of the Mi-2, forced two pilots to fly to prison #17. According to the prosecutor's office, one of the helicopter hijackers was Shestakov's brother.

"They hovered above the 17th penal colony and dropped a rope," Letenkova said. Shestakov, the convict, climbed up the rope.
It is still unclear how the prisoner managed to escape in front of the colony workers, including security staff.

When Shestakov climbed on board his associates ordered the pilots to fly to Vologda. When they landed, the three criminals ran away. The pilots were not hurt.

Shestakov was found and detained later at 2 p.m. He tried to put up armed resistance and received minor injuries fromthe police.
Vologda region punishment control agency spokesman, Anton Kuznetsov said that prisoners in the 17th colony are not held behind bars, they live in special hostel-type blocks.

An investigation has been initiated.

In 2000 Shestakov was charged with murder and was sentenced for 24 years. "He probably murdered several people," Kuznetsov said.

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