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LGBT activists graffiti United Russia headquarters

20.02.12 15:17    By News dept

LGBT activists graffiti United Russia headquarters

Photo: RIA "Novosti"


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A group of Moscow LGBT activists painted the United Russia party office in the north of the city on Monday night, "Novaya gazeta" reported.
According to the paper, the activists painted "a rainbow and the slogan "We will not be prohibited", while the party label was thoroughly painted over". Apart from this, the LGBT activists ornamented the Moscow patriarchate department building with LGBT signs and symbols because, according to the group, its head Vsevolod Chaplin, uses homophobic slogans.

The reason for the protest was a new piece of legislation prohibiting gay propaganda, which is now widely discussed before the presidential elections in Russia.
Earlier in February the Saint-Petersburg Assembly approved in the second reading a scandalous law against homosexual propaganda and pedophilia among minors.

According to the law, anyone who is caught propagandizing homosexuality among minors will be fined from 5 thousand rubles (some 165$) to 50 thousand rubles (1 665$) for private individuals and officials, and up to half million rubles for legal entities.

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