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Russian Anonymous activists tell why they hacked pro-Kremlin officials' e-mails

7.02.12 12:57    By Grigory Tumanov, edited by Karina Ayvazova

«We do not have one specific political position, we have people with various views, from anarchists to ultra-liberals.»

«We do not have one specific political position, we have people with various views, from anarchists to ultra-liberals.»   Photo:


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Hackers associated with the Anonymous activist group have leaked emails of two representatives of Rosmolodezh – a pro-Kremlin youth organization. The first "victim" of hackers was the organization's head, Vasiliy Yakemenko, then the activists hacked and leaked the e-mail of its press spokesman Kristina Potupchik.

The letters that were made public discussed financing of pro-Kremlin internet bloggers, anti-opposition protests, as well as creation of a positive image of those in power. Anonymous activists have claimed responsibility for hacking and leaking the e-mails.
The hackers told what inspired them to show such a protest, whose e-mails they are going to hack and why they are not interested in politics.

-First of all, could you say some words about yourself?

- We are quite different. Our we go from teenagers to middle aged. Anyone can become Anonymous if he or she follows certain rules. Occupation varies, from a yardman to a company owner, we do not make distinctions between any of us. We can present ourselves as Anonymous – a fragmented community equally spread on the net, according to its rules.

— Do you have any specific political position? Are you left-wing or maybe right-wing?
—No, we are not interested in politics that much. The whole of politics nowadays is controlled by several people from the Kremlin, anything beyond that is suppressed by criminal cases or harassment through the pro-Kremlin media. We do not have one specific position, we have people with various views, from anarchists to ultra-liberals.

— How long have you been doing this?

- If we talk about #OpYoungBustards (all tweets concerning Potupchik's and Yakemenko's e-mails appeared in Twitter under this hashtag –, this operation started in spring 2011.

If we talk about our activity in general, then it's about several years. We took an active part in #OpPayback #OpLeakspin #OpBart operations, and many others, including missions on taking down the regimes in Tunisia and Egypt.

— So one can easily be attributed to the world-wide Anonymous network?
— Yes, you can. We are Anonymous.

— Why did you choose the people whose e-mails you hacked and leaked?
— It's easy. These people prevent information from being spread freely. We conducted the #OpYoungBustards operation to protest against the governments' action on the Internet, against the growing botnets, paid commentators, against corruption and lies in a place where everyone can communicate freely and hold any civil or political position. We have hacked the e-mail of those who are likely to cover the governments activity on the Internet.

— Is this your political position or your dislike to specifically these people?
— We do not dislike them, it's more like a disgust, because they are too insignificant to dislike them.

—Are Potupchik and Yakemenko the only people who should be afraid of getting hacked? Is there anyone else? Do you plan to hack any Kremlin officials, say, Vladislav Surkov?

— They are not the only ones to be punished, for sure. We obtain e-mails of many people. Concerning Surkov and others, our answer is maybe. If the Nashi people continue getting in our way, we will respond once again.

—Do you have any specific final goal?
— Our final goal is to prevent bandits from controlling the Russian net.

— You are now being criticized for hackeing e-mails, many say it is not ethically correct. Can you say something to these people?
—It is ethically incorrect to make DDoS attacks on imageboards in the social networks, to witness on false political processes, to clean out an already impoverished population. It it ethically incorrect to be a criminal – to expose criminals – that is ethically correct.

Do not demonize us, we are quite cute and kind-hearted.

— What are the results of hacking Potupchik's and Yakemenko's e-mails? What did you expect?
— We would like different corrupted political activists to not contaminate those places where we often go, and to not make us think about politics in their agitated way. We would like the police to stop the activity of Nashi, finally eradicating the threat of permanent clogging of the Internet.

— Did you act alone or did you have any "moles", your own Bradley Manning, that Julian Assange had?
— We acted alone. It is easy to track down people who send financial information via public e-mail services. They are quite predictable, because their IT-level is usually lower than "a confident user".

—What do you think of Assange by the way?
—To varying degrees, positively. He would never emerge if it was not for Bradley Manning who is now facing a capital punishment. He did a lot – he will be judged by history.

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