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Election 2011/2012

Election violations watchdog searched in Moscow

1.12.11 16:58    By News dept

Last week the state-run TV channel workers broke into the Golos office in Moscow

Last week the state-run TV channel workers broke into the Golos office in Moscow   Photo:


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Prosecution workers recently came to search the Moscow office of "Golos" (Transl. "Voice"), a human rights watchdog which examines violations related to the Dec. 4 State Duma elections in Russia.

"The prosecution workers are in the Golos office. An administrative case and a warning have been initiated," Pavel Chikov, head of human rights organization 'Agora', wrote on his Twitter on Thursday. Agora represents the interests of Golos.

He said the case was probably be initiated because of the so called "Violation map 2011," a joint online project by Golos and aimed to collect and display different violation acts from all over the country.

Publication of the map in the 5 days ahead of elections is illegal, the prosecution thinks. According to Russian law, any public exit polls and similar research connected with elections are prohibited from being published in the last week before an election day.

Chikov later told that a prosecutor's office worker asked Golos head, Grigory Melkonyants, what his organization was and who its managers were.

On Tuesday, Several State Duma deputies proposed a check of Golos activity, saying some "foreign organizations" have been involved in Russia's inner politics.

"This concerns the National Endowment for Democracy and the U.S. National Democratic Institute, whose work is controlled by the U.S. Congress and State Department," the deputies wrote in a statement. "These and other organizations co-finance and promote Golos."

Earlier, some state-backed NTV Channel journalists broke into the Golos office in Moscow demanding an interview. NTV is famous for showing accusatory videos, for example, it showed a video about former Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov's alleged wrongdoings days before his resignation.

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